Please Just Kill Me Now

by Snakes

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released March 20, 2012

Recorded at Stresstain Studios March, 2012
Art by Robin Libbrecht:



all rights reserved


Snakes Grand Rapids, Michigan

Travis - Vocals
Sam - Guitar
Chase - Bass
Trey - Drums


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Track Name: Please Just Kill Me Now
Somethings there
I'm not alone
I feel it's touch
but nothings shown
Creeping down my spine
I open my eyes
Darkened room
Silent fright
Symptoms of
A sleepless night
Please just kill me now
I won't put up a fight
Track Name: Scourge
Take your place at the whipping post
The first wave of lashes hurt the most
Then the numbness sets in
Beg for mercy, start all over again
No sympathy from anyone else
You're on your own, so take your belts
Temporary, useless, drone
You serve no purpose, faceless clone
Bare your back and hold your tongue
Now close your eyes it's just begun
Track Name: Comisery
When all hope is gone the emptiness stays
It'll take you in and keep you for days
You look in the mirror in utter disgust
A constant reminder that you're not fucking good enough
You wish to go back and change what is
Cause a life of regret and disappointment lives
Deep inside of you, you know it's true
You felt this way all of your life
Years spent sifting through woe and strife
You didn't find any fucking peace in Christ,
but you thought killing yourself might
You thought to yourself tonight's the night
This fucking time you did it right
and you did it despite
All the clueless fucks that visit your burial site.
I don't hate you
I don't blame you
I just wish I was hanging next to you
Hang next to you.
Track Name: Deride
Head full of problems, a lifetime of torment
Berated and belittled to the fullest extent
Give him a reason not to shoot up the school
Give him a reason not to kill all of you
He self medicates when he cuts himself dry
Alone in his room, where it's safe to cry
Better hurry up before dad gets home
Cause if he catches him crying, he'll catch one straight to the dome
Now it's time for bed, time to lay awake
and worry about all the cruel shit they'll say
Until something in his head finally snaps
and he kills every mother fucker in his class
Should have given him a reason not to shoot up the school
Should have given him a reason not to kill all of you
Track Name: Suppress
Sick and twisted
Thoughts sadistic
Malevolence reigns
With the pessimistic
Eye's set on subversion
Unrelenting coercion
This exchange of pain has come full fucking circle
You're fucked
Track Name: Dissolution
Burning bodies rest at his feet
Lifeless, face down on the concrete
Plebeian skulls crushed by the heels of the autocracy
A demise they never thought that they would ever see
Lives come to an end, destroyed completely
Benevolent minds cease to exist
The non adherent are chained at the wrist
Their life is over, yours is too
The beast has come to collect his dues
Track Name: Bystander
The effort is overdue
You watched it all fall through
Pieces of yesterday left askew
No discourse
No remorse
As I shoot you off
Of your high horse
Forever a bystander
Just another shade of gray
The effort is overdue
And there's no one to blame but you