Split w/ Humanerror

by Snakes

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released December 6, 2012



all rights reserved


Snakes Grand Rapids, Michigan

Travis - Vocals
Sam - Guitar
Chase - Bass
Trey - Drums

contact: saveitforthebirds@gmail.com

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Track Name: Abscess
Abscess of the world
Swelling protrusion
Such a fierce infection
Evoking delusion

Bringer of death and grief
Instilling paranoid belief
Threatening the afflicted
With an eternity of misery

Affixing onto what it can
To achieve it's master plan
If it doesn't cease
It will be the end of man

This fucking wound must be scraped
Before it spreads to greater lengths
Leaving no more hope
For the entire human race

Death and grief
No relief
Rot decay
Sheer dismay

The abscess of the fucking world
Track Name: Dissolution
Bodies rest at his feet, lifeless, face down on the concrete
Plebian skulls crushed by the heels of the autocracy
A demise they never thought that they would ever see
Lifes come to an end, destroyed completely

Benevolent minds cease to exist
The non adherent are chained at the wrist
Their life is over, yours is too
The beast has come to collect his dues