Cold And Lost

from by Snakes



The moonlight guides me, like an old wise friend
Lighting my way to a safe and pleasant end
But the night goes on and the snow falls harder
Burying all hope while the wind blows louder

I turn my back to shield myself from the cold
The footprints remind me that I'm all alone
My ears start burning and my lungs start aching
My feet are wet and my knees are shaking

Unable to proceed, I lose my footing
On my back, to the moon I'm looking
It's glow sinking behind the clouds and frost
I have no guide now, I'm cold and lost

"Old friend, don't leave me to die
I need you more than ever tonight.
The snow's falling thick and I can't see shit,
The path you set for me is no longer lit"

My plea's go unheard, it's just me and the earth
I'm blind to my surroundings and totally immersed


from Waking Up And Decomposing, released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Snakes Grand Rapids, Michigan

Travis - Vocals
Sam - Guitar
Chase - Bass
Trey - Drums


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